#NMSAInsight – New Ad Campaign Hopes to Humanize McDonald’s Canada Image

#NMSAInsight – New Ad Campaign Hopes to Humanize McDonald’s Canada Image
April 1, 2015 nmsayorku

Written By: Marco D’Agostino, Director of Communications

Over the past few years, a lot of negative news has come to light regarding McDonald’s. These misconceptions have ranged from things like McNuggets are made out of beaks and feet, Eggs in the McMuffins aren’t real, and cheeseburgers can last for years. After all of the talk from the skeptics and gossipers, McDonald’s is finally ready to do something in order to show they have nothing to hide and debunk all rumours.

In order to change misconceptions, McDonald’s has announced the “Welcome to McDonald’s” campaign, which is more of an emotional approach to its marketing.

The campaign will feature TV Ads, Billboards, and Posters, which include real people listing their hometowns and speaking about their local restaurants. Furthermore, the fast-food giant will execute its strategy online and on social media, posting 30 videos speaking about some of those individuals. The best part is – all of these moments caught on tape are unscripted and unpolished. The goal is to inspire others to make videos about themselves, which will add to the 30 videos posted.

Also, in order to further humanize its image, the campaign will feature videos of farmers that are behind the scenes providing goods to McDonald’s. The farmers will remind consumers that their products grow in a field, and are not created in a plant. It is a campaign that is meant to be honest, truthful, and focus on the people who make the brand special. All of these individuals combine in order to help the brand get to where it is today.

“When you’re a big corporation, you suffer from stereotyped ideas and misconceptions, “ said Ms. Benoit, Senior VP of Marketing for McDonald’s Canada.

Through initiatives such as this one, and the “Our Food. Your Questions” campaign back in 2012, they hope to finally create a connection with its customer that is sustainable.

It will be interesting to see whether or not this new campaign by McDonald’s will translate into positive brand equity. I feel that even after this campaign, which is quite promising, the negative misconceptions of McDonald’s will continue. Though the food giant has tried multiple times to debunk all of the rumours, it is extremely difficult to persuade consumers otherwise when they feel so negatively about the brand.

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